VA - Ancestral Lullabies

by Logical Elements

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M A B Such a deep work, great to listen at night when the senses are more receptive for details! There is a link to a free download…. however the appearance of this track here on bandcamp is a chance to honour and support the artist!


Ancestral Lullabies is a fresh collection of downtempo excursions released on Astronautic Records and compiled by Ancient Core from Romania. He has gathered many gems from worldwide artists and has composed a story to set the tone for the voyage you are about to take:

“Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high, there’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby…” Welcome to this cosmic connection of artists, from different parts of this magical planet Earth, all united in offering you, the listener, a colorful vessel ready to carry you to the realms of your dreams. Lullabies are ancient music tools, they offer a passageway to other dimensions. Protected by the positive vibrations you can freely walk the bridge to the subconsciousness, float through inner and outer space, and fly, innocent as the child living deep in your soul. Wishing you a soothing time in the cradle of Ancestral Lullabies!

Mastering by Keamia at Reflektive Media
Artwork by Catalina Chirila.


released August 16, 2013




Logical Elements Iaşi, Romania

Ioan Macovei is the man behind Logical Elements project. An atmospheric-space-forest-light ambient project started in 2003- 2004, after he went through all kinds of electronic music genres from age of 15. With a deep passion for fusing a multitude of styles, rhythms, and a studio-as-instrument approach to his production, Logical Elements project stands as a firm embodiment of his cosmic exploration ... more

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